Feel Every Bit of It (2018)

Warning Baby calls herself as a medium between computers which update their intellectual power day by day with neural network and data science and humans who see this huge intellectual development of machines with awe.

Warning Baby believes that to build a sincere relationship with computers, we need to try more spiritual or sensational approaches rather than mathematical formulas and logics, which are considered as more common methods to communicate with computer.

She succeeded this spiritual communication after she transcribed thousands of bits every day for about 3000 days. For her, computer was the only thing beside her whenever she felt lonely. She just wanted to find some ways to understand computer better. And the bit transcription is one of the ways she found as a way of being truly connected to computer, like transcribing Bible or Buddhist scriptures to look for truth.

She directs a series of video tutorials including this bit transcribing to preach her own faith with this connection. And the video <Feel Every Bit of It> and the book with the same title is the result of test production for the series.

Like Warning Baby did it for 3000 days, if we gently feel all the bits from computational data in daily life, we may find out the way of building spiritual connection between computer and us. And that’s the reason why these series of tutorial are named as <Feel Every Bit of It>.

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Nahee Kim, Based in Seoul and New York, nahbee10@gmail.com