ImprovivorpmI (2017)

ImprovivorpmI is an interactive improvisation movement project. The touch between people can deliver both comfort and fear, trust and embarrassment, depending on the situation. Whatever the form, we know that some energy is generated on the touch. In this work, I want to visualize the energy from the touch between people using digital sensors and LEDs, so that the energy can be shared with people who are just watching the touch situation.

Contact improvisation, which seeks to explore the possibilities of different body movements by sharing the warmth and weight of each other, has become one of the main techniques of modern dance due to its experimental feature. The project of ImprovivorpmI also started with the aim of rediscovering the feelings of warmth, trust or threat and embarrassment that arise from the physical contact situation in everyday life. In the development of mobile devices, contact between human beings occurs in a virtual and abstract situation rather than a physical one - I try to explore the nostalgia of real ’touch' through minimal digital interaction.

The work consists of sensor and LED module device “ovivo” which visualizes the touch and closeness between the body and 15 minutes live contact improvisation performance by four dancers equipped with this device. In addition to the show hours, visitors can try to wear “ovivo” and see how their touch can be visualized.

⥥ ovivo ⥥

⥥ Prototypes of ovivo device ⥥

➠ ‘ImprovivorpmI’ was performed at Platform-L Contemporary Art Center in Seoul on January 20-26, 2018.

Nahee Kim, Based in Seoul and New York,