I.will.seoul.you (2016)

Modeling after the highly compressed images caught at the shore of Google, the project ‘I.will.seoul.you’ will critically embody

a. Korean tourism industry combined with SNS platform/search engine, which seems to have symptoms of turning into extremely fluid consumerism,
b. the gaze of Korean administrators towards it,
c. the sense/concept or placeness of Seoul Special City.

The main part of ‘I.will.seoul.you’ is ‘iwillseoulyou.kr’ which is a website outsourced by virtual administrator, ‘the Department of Aborted Future, Seoul the Special City’. The form of this site is modeled after the ‘timeline’ of SNS , which is analogy to ‘the wave raised by collective sense of Web’. It is filled with highly-compressed .jpg or .png files of the scenery of each district in Seoul, and short sarcastic comments.

Go to watch iwillseoulyou.kr guide video 

Nahee Kim, Based in Seoul and New York, nahbee10@gmail.com