workshop0 (2016)

I started this creative coding workshop to share 6 things which i’ve thought very interesting for my 2 years of programming life. In workshop0, any participant could experiment with the possibility of expressing using computational media. I hope ‘workshop0’ could consist of a group of people that freely imagine through the computational media without being limited to technical implementations. Eight participants, two TAs and I made this workshop together.

In the last week(8th week), all eight participants displayed the process and results of their project to public. At Workshop0, i had covered these six topics - 1 cognition - face tracking, 2 movement - blob, 3 system - Terminal, 4 prediction - Wekinator, 5 network - ssh, 6 sense - Arduino. I had mainly used ‘p5.js’ library since the target participants of this workshop are entry-level in programming and javascript applications are easy to show online.

Nahee Kim, Based in Seoul and New York,